When Julie Met John

A new Verbatim play by Brighton Arts Lab

We haven't evolved over the last 400 years, except that we now have powerful tools for judging and shaming people in our pockets. In times of upheaval we demonise sections of society that are 'other'. Lives are destroyed by public shaming. We live in the age of trial-by-Tweet. Pithy public hangings.

Many of us are addicts to the suffering of others. We seem to enjoy being oppressed almost as much as we enjoy watching someone get punished for disobeying.

This new play from Brighton Arts Lab (the edge-dwellers that brought you The Brexorcist and Operation Mindf**k) is based on the transcription of a public confrontation, streamed live on Facebook, as source material. The script is a verbatim reproduction of what was said and done by the people involved. The result is a fearless interrogation of an interrogation.

When Julie met John asks much needed questions concerning the legal and moral responsibility of our online selves and it re-humanises the 'other' to examine new power relations. The play takes a close look at the darkness of human nature and, as you might imagine, that’s quite funny.

The show contains most swear words, and graphic descriptions of intentional wounding.

Brighton Spiegeltent

Sunday 19th May 2019 21:30

A fire, a fire is burning
I hear the boots of lucifer
I see his filthy face
And it is my face and yours

John Proctor - from The Crucible by Arthur Miller


In 2018 we find ourselves deep in the midst of information overload, fake news and orchestrated chaos. Our natural instincts are subverted and used against us, our grip on truth and reality slipping further and further away.

Are we all having our minds fucked? And if so, how the hell are we supposed to respond?

This is new collection of work by a group of artists, writers and actors who have come together over the past two years to form Brighton Arts Lab.

The original Operation Mindfuck was conceived in the late 60s by a bunch of acid-fried hippies. It suggested to artists that truth and meaning were to be played with as much as possible in order to confuse the Forces of Control. It was, predictably, co-opted by the Forces of Control and used to engender confusion, compliance and apathy in the general public.

In Operation Mindfuck 2018, Brighton Arts Lab reclaim these tools of coercive psychological and emotional manipulation.

SLAB Magazine

Issue #1 Brexit Wounds

With the glorious onset of the Brexit phase of our journey towards tax-haven status (where we can finally relax!), we have laughingly called this issue “Brexit Wounds”.

Degenerates are now self-censoring their online output to escape the scrutiny of our brave security services. It has therefore become necessary to put this filth onto real paper and distribute it physically, so that the public can see for themselves what kind of twisted ideology these counter-cultural insects are developing in opposition to good old Core British Values.


The Brexorcist

THE BREXORCIST - a darkly satirical musical catharsis combining live music and performance arts premiering at the Spiegeltent on 8th and 22nd May 2017

The United Kingdom of 2017 is disunited. We seem to be searching for tribal roots but everything is monetised, polarised, divided and frightening. We are a nation of individuals wounded by the very things we are told will keep us safe.

The Brexorcist examines the social, political, ideological and emotional factors that led us to where we are today. It does this with art in many forms which allows the artists and perhaps the audience to process the overwhelming pain and sadness which seem to have become the norm. This material has been crafted around a magickal ritual designed to rid this convulsing society of its demons.

The result is a beautiful, hilarious and frightening collection of work, from some of the best songwriters, performers and artists in the city.

Written and directed by Sam Hewitt with original material and performances from Tim Leopard, Tim Harbridge, Glen Richardson, Dave Suit, Eric Drass, Jason Pegg and The Private Sector. Starring Seth Morgan, Graham Darg and Frank France with heavenly singing from Sarah Gardner and The Dulcetones.